Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wow, it's been a while

Life of late, (read the last year) has been a mess. Cancer hit close to home two times in a year, and that has thrown me completely off. I've had no time to do any significant sewing, but am hoping to change that.

E is in need of new faire wear, as she has shot up like a sunflower! She turned 11 just a few days ago, and I think the time is right for her first "real" garb. I'm thinking about a middle class Elizabethan.

I'll probably use a cotton, even though I know it's not historically accurate. Although she's beginning to look like a young lady, E is very hard on her cloths! With Halloween just over the horizon, E will also need a costume. She's decided on Draculara from Monster High. I can't bring myself to put her in a mass produced......thing, so I'll need to make that as well. Hopefully, getting some stuff finished will get me back on track. Anywho, because I hate posts without pictures, here is a lovely flower for your viewing pleasure.