Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Happens

and all the important stuff like sewing and read inspirational blogs comes to a screeching halt.  Now that life is starting to be a bit nicer, (still some family stuff that needs to be sorted, and the house looks like a 9 year old bomb went off) I'm trying to get caught up on the important stuff.  I have plans to get back to work on the stripey Victorian.  The blouse pattern still needs to be lengthened and a new mock up sewn, then it's on to the bodice.

In the meantime, I've been drooling over a new to me site of the most gorgeous extant clothing for sale. It was posted to the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild yahoo list a couple days ago and I haven't stopped drooling on my keyboard since! (Well, there was that 3 hour period in which the husband was using the computer and picked up a wicked virus that the good folks at Dell had to spend 2 hours scrubbing from the hard drive.  Yikes!)  So many pretties, so little time!  This red silk regency is especially of interest to me.

Take a look at the bib front and it's lining.
                                 1800-1810 silk bib front
I'm certainly no expert in this area, but the bib front frocks I'm acquainted with have the more typical side front closing lining. It also has bust darts.  Yay!

A pair of these soft wrap stays would be a great thing to have too.  Not needing a lot of support could be a good thing for a change.
                              1810-1820 soft wrap stays

Looking at the back I can't decide whether the upside down L shaped bit is a separate piece or a facing.  I'm leaning toward facing. But the right side looks like it could have a seam on my monitor.  I can't get a clear enough enlargement to be positive, but based on the description, I think I'd interpret it as a facing.

I'm also deeply in love with this 1870's striped bustle.  Check out the back.
                                         1870's bustle
I lovelovelove, the solid color back panel!  and the sleeves!!!!
                                           1870's bustle

Alright, enough computer time for me.  The laundry bell went off an hour ago, and is still waiting for my attention.  And I'm assuming my child would like dinner sometime tonight.

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