Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction post

Fashions of the Gilded Age vol. 1st see link at bottom of page.

I have just discovered what a thriving and fun filled place blogger has become for costumers and tatters!  So many talented people willing to share their successes and learning opportunities with the world.  And so much fabulousity!  For that I thank you all!

I've had an lj blog for a few years,  and intend to keep it, (great people there too!), but do to evolving interests, I thought I'd give blogger a go as well.

So, hello blogger! I'm a thirty mumble year old kids who loves to play dress up with my daughter.  So to feed the need, I learned to sew.  My first attempt, while not a disaster exactly, was not all I hoped it would be. Let's just say poly satin and beginning sewers don't mix.  Through a mixture of trial and error, and eventually a few sewing and patterning classes, I've graduated from beginner to improver.  I make most of my own patterns these days, but need to work on my fitting.  In a desire to not make things too small, they always end up a smidge too big.  Also, I've learned never to draft on a frumpy day.  Curves wind up being way to curvy. 

Historical costumes are my love.  Not only are they oohhhh so much more elegant than the lazy clothes of today,  but they help me to understand the social roles of women of the past.  The shaping of the female body is a good indicator of the roles we have played.  The simple elegant styles of the Regency period, reflect the more liberal attitudes of the time.  After hundreds of years of tight fitting stays and heavy fabrics,  to have the option of going without those stays must have been a very free feeling indeed!

More recently, I have picked up tatting.  It's something I've always been fascinated by,  and decided to give it a try.  Run and rewarding!  The ultimate take along project.  In an effort to get my current project finished, I've had to hide my shuttles,  but I can't wait to get back to it.

Anyhow,  I am looking forward to learning from this community and drooling over all the pretties.

The current project is this lovely natural form corselet and blouse from Fashions of the Gilded Age, by Frances Grimble.  And a skirt to go with.  

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